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Supercharge React Applications with Modern GraphQL Backends

During this dynamic workshop, participants will acquire the skills needed to harness GraphQL for the creation of potent and streamlined backends in their React applications. The learning journey begins with the establishment of a GraphQL server, followed by its integration into a React frontend application. As the workshop concludes, participants will be equipped with a fully functional GraphQL application, prepared for deployment to production.

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Advanced GraphQL: Building Complete Solutions to Real-Life Problems

Elevate your GraphQL expertise in this immersive, hands-on workshop tailored for engineers well-versed in GraphQL concepts. Delve into the powerful and advanced aspects of GraphQL, encompassing the construction of a comprehensive GraphQL server that addresses real-world challenges. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will possess a deep understanding of how to employ these advanced capabilities for the development of scalable and efficient GraphQL APIs.

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Navigating UI/UX challenges of Web3 and Dapps

As Web3 fosters the rise of decentralized apps (Dapps) with native blockchain interaction, it also introduces uncertainty and skepticism due to challenges in user experience. This workshop delves into Web3 and Dapp fundamentals, addressing common misconceptions and key UI/UX obstacles. By the end, participants will understand unique design requirements and acquire practical tools to craft engaging, intuitive interfaces that make Dapps more accessible.

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Building Web3 Dapps with React: A Practical Guide

As Web3 unfolds, decentralized apps (Dapps) gain traction, fostering blockchain-driven innovation. In this workshop, participants will learn Web3 core concepts and build a full-stack Ethereum React application. Covering essential Dapp components, attendees will gain expertise in developing and deploying fully-functional Web3 Dapps using React, along with insights into the unique challenges of decentralized application development.

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