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Creating Music with AI and React

AI has opened up countless possibilities, enabling React developers to easily step even into music production. In this session, we'll explore how to leverage AI for music creation in React applications. We'll look at integrating AI music models with React, diving into the essentials of the Web Audio API and practical aspects of React app development. You'll learn how AI can be used in music composition and its real-world implementation in React – the all-in-one package every React developer needs to craft interactive music experiences.

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TypeScript Patterns for Better React Components

Ever got frustrated typing the as prop in React components? How about this in combination with forwardRef? To put it short: It's not easy. Let's delve into strategies for constructing Compound Components, Polymorphic Components, and Components wrapped in forwardRef, while avoiding the use of type casts and ensure precise TypeScript typings.

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When things go wrong, get errors right!

When we build React applications, the fun part is always the happy path: when everything works! But let's face it, sometimes things go wrong, and error handling can be a tricky topic. Don't worry, though - we've got you covered! In this talk, we'll dive into the world of error handling in React and explore how to make it less daunting and more enjoyable.

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Talks I've given in the past.

Secrets of building robust UI components

Do you find yourself struggling to create maintainable and high-quality user interfaces with React? With so many different ways and patterns available, it can be overwhelming to settle on a key strategy that will last throughout your project. It's not uncommon to feel like you're drowning in complexity as you try to build UI components that can withstand the test of time. This talk will dive into the secrets of building robust UI components and provide you with practical tips for creating maintainable user interfaces that can grow with your app.

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Building modern React applications

With the new additions to React, the way we build frontend applications is evolving, leading to improved performance and maintainability. As of today, the most noticeable React API additions are Context, Hooks and Suspense. How do we apply new best practices to manage our application state? What are common techniques for fetching data? How do we architect modern React applications using a type system and a design system?

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Third party or custom code? The art of making software decisions

Do you often find yourself struggling with deciding whether to use a third-party library or write custom code? In this talk, we'll dive into the challenges and benefits of both approaches and provide practical tips for making informed decisions. You'll learn how to weigh the pros and cons of each option, consider architectural decisions, and create better products and apps.

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With great power comes great React Hooks!

The React team has been working hard on changing the game of writing declarative components: Hooks! With React Hooks we are now able to use the capabilities of class components in functional components. In this talk we are going to discover the Hooks API and explore some exciting patterns using them.

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From learning to thinking in GraphQL

GraphQL has unlocked exciting possibilities on how we fetch data these days. Over the past years we've witnessed a huge amount of toolings and a solid ecosystem around GraphQL. Everything in the web is evolving so fast and we have to keep up and build products at this pace. In GraphQL there are some concerns and hurdles that need to be overcome such as Server Setup, Schema Design, Authentication, Access Control, Storing Data, Batching and Caching. In this talk we will explore GraphQL and some common GraphQL design patterns to encourage engineers to use GraphQL for efficient data fetching.

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Building zero-config tools for GraphQL

Adopting GraphQL can be fairly demanding and it takes some time to find the right tooling setup. What can we do to improve DX and supercharge our GraphQL development? In this talk I will deep-dive into the journey of Graphpack, a zero-config tool that help us building GraphQL at scale.

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Optimizing apps with code splitting

Shipping apps is easy, but shipping GREAT apps takes quite some effort. We want to build faster web apps and deliver as less as needed. But how? Dynamic imports provide a convenient capability to load components. We'll leverage Code Splitting with minimal effort and discuss common approaches.

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React Fiber

The React core team completely rewrote React's core algorithm to solve long standing problems in the current version of React. In this talk, we'll discuss why React Fiber exist, how it works and what it can do.

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